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  1. All over good for you: Exercises 90 per cent of the muscles of the body, not just the 40 per cent used in ordinary walking.

  2. Exercises the heart: Nordic walking offers a good cardiovascular training effect.

  3. Weight loss: Nordic walking uses up to 46% more calories compared to ordinary walking. 

  4. Strengthens bones without joint trauma: Nordic walking is as good a form of exercise as cycling or swimming but with the added benefit of being a weight-bearing, low-impact activity.

  5. Good for posture: This form of walking releases neck and back tension and improves posture and gait. Nordic walking encourages a more upright posture.

  6. Spine fitness: Nordic walking rotates the trunk and enhances the mobility of the spine.

  7. Great for the core: Nordic walking strengthens the muscles of the back and abdomen.

  8. Good mental health: All kinds of cardiovascular exercise outdoors, including Nordic walking, are beneficial for those suffering from stress disorders and many mental illnesses.

  9. Easy to access: Once you have learned how to Nordic walk and you have the poles and a pair of walking shoes or trainers, you can do it almost anywhere and at any time.

  10. Long-term health: Scientific research has shown that regular moderate exercise such as Nordic walking can help reduce the risk of cancer, particularly bowel, womb and breast cancer, and has great benefit for those recovering from cancer, heart attack or stroke.

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