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Trained to the highest standard

Why is Nordic Walking an effective and enjoyable exercise for people with Parkinson’s? 

Nordic Walking is a valuable exercise tool for people with Parkinson’s because of: 

  • The focus on the correct gait technique.

  • Large amplitude training from the intensification of normal walking.

  • The repetitive movements driving neuroplasticity.

  • Exposure to outdoor environments to build confidence.

  • Cardiovascular and general fitness benefits.

  • Increased stability from the use of two poles on the ground.

  • Challenging coordination to help build dual tasking abilities.

  • Improvement in upper limb strength as well as lower limb strength.

  • Weight bearing exercise improving bone density.

I am very pleased to confirm I have completed a course on Nordic Walking for Parkinson's and related conditions.  I can now offer one to one personal tuition.  Simply book a private one to one tuition lesson online stating you would like a Parkinson's focused session and we can discuss your abilities and goals prior to your lesson.

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